My name is Demetrius Watson. I am the founder and creator of Fun, Fab, & Freedom Coaching and Consulting. I teach Queens how to go from autopilot to being the pilot of their life. In order to masterfully create a life that is aligned with the true essence of their being.

My signature program is a intensive high-level 1:1 private coaching package titled, " The Grow to Glow Experience."

The Grow to Glow Experience is a well-designed, "do-it-with-you, "online coaching experience where I wholeheartedly support you by walking by your side, hand in hand as we GROW through the process of deep healing, facing our fears, and re-connection to live a life you love. I am not saying it is going to be easy, yet I guarantee it will be worth it.

We all know that growth is not always an easy process. However, you must show up in order to glow up and in order to GLOW you must GROW!

The Grow to Glow Experience was designed for you if.....

*On the outside you look like you have it all together, but hidden away deep inside is pain and sorrow

* You are labeled as the strong one by those close to you, so you feel like no one understands you

* You are willing to drop the mask and get real

* You are ready, willing, and open to transforming your life.

* You are willing to look at your life through a different lenses

* You are ready to be fully present in a safe and confidential environment to share you truth

* You are committed to the growth process

* You are ready to face the challenges that are holding you back from living your best life.



* You are ready to face the raw truth about all elements of you life.

* You are ready to take responsibility and snatch your power back

* You are ready to let go of people, places, and things that no longer serve you

* You have the deep desire to change, yet you are unsure how or what to do

* You are ready to uncover your best self in order to live your best life

* You are ready to upgrade from ordinary to extraordinary.

* You are ready to make the investment that will transform your life.


  • Uncover what has been keeping you stuck
  • Discover your fears and move pass them
  • Learn to love yourself
  • Increase self worth/esteem/confidence
  • Crack the Code to achieving your dreams
  • Unlock your passion/purpose/potential
  • Set goals and achieve goals
  • Heal old wounds
  • Reverse limiting beliefs
  • Design the life you dream about


  • 12 weeks 1:1 intensive high-level coaching with me to assist in the transformation process
  • 12 ninety minute coaching call via Skype/telephone
  • Unlimited voice messaging support, so may answer your questions as they come up, RESPONSE WITHIN 24 HOURS
  • Weekly homework to help you stay clear and on track
  • Access to private Facebook group including, "Real Talk with Demi" live interactive videos

***After the commitment is made you will receive the Welcome Packet and have access to schedule your 1st session.


-Worksheet: identify hindering beliefs and how to re-frame to positive

-Value: develop new beliefs


-Worksheet to identify how you truly feel about you along with mirror exercise

-Value: healthier sense of self

-1st Coaching call


-Visualization exercise

-Create a vision board

-Identify small tasks to work toward goals

-4th Coaching Call


-Worksheet: Identify the things that make you feel wonderful and bring you joy

Value: Integrate them into your life on a regular basis, rise you VIBE




-Each morning you will receive a "Get Your Day Started Queen," email from me to set the intention for the day, and an affirmation to focus on for the day. In addition, a reminder to write down at least five things you are grateful for and a journal prompt to help master mindset.

-Access to any other programs I launch during our time working together

-Follow up call 30 days post program completion


A private Facebook community where 

PRICE: $3299

Payment plans available upon request


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