Due to her innate ability to put others at ease with her presence, she's able to easily build deep connections with those that cross her path. She is the lady that strangers turn to in line at the grocery store to share intimate details of their life such as personal crisis, worries, fears, big dreams just to name a few. The conversation almost always ends with the other person saying, "I'm not sure why I am telling you all this, you must think I am crazy" as Demetrius smiles and offers words of wisdom or quick questions to help them further explore their issues.


Demetrius is super passionate about teaching others the necessary tools to wake up from a life on auto-pilot in order to align with their passion and purpose. This allows for them to masterfully create a life where they jump out of bed with immense joy to recreate each day. Her bliss is helping others breakthrough challenges and achieve their wildest dreams. 



Demetrius has uncovered the secrets to helping her clients experience long-term transformation. She helps women get in touch with who they really are, discovering what is keeping them stuck in the hamster wheel, and deep diving into their fears to begin the profound healing work that helps break through to the other side.


Together you all will be able to cut through the BS to uncover the root cause of the issue that has been holding you back, keeping you stuck, having to pretend you're happy when deep down you are a hot mess. Her belief is that getting to the raw, uncut, root of the issue must happen for real long-term transformation to happen and remain.


As a result, Demetrius has helped countless individuals develop a better relationship with self, be their own boss, learn to love and allow love, increase self esteem/confidence, forgive past hurts, heal childhood traumas and most importantly live the life they used to dream about.

As a Master Transformation Coach, Demetrius has a rich history as a practicing therapist, counselor, instructor, and business leader. Experience from each professional arena has given Demetrius a unique skills set to better serve those that cross her path.


Graduated with a Masters of Social Work with honors from the Joint MSW program at University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University

Practiced as a effective and successful Mental Health Therapist

Consultant to corporations for Diversity trainings. Helped other to build coaching businesses, daycare centers, cleaning business, transportation companies

Quickly climbed the corporate ladder going from working as a therapist to supervising therapist and other staff in leadership roles, such as Site Manager and Director of Operations

Enjoyed being an instructor at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Interviewed live on WLXU 93.9 radio station

Hosted workshops and spoke at a number of events for companies such as Americorps and Dress for Success. Demetrius volunteers on a bi-weekly basis at the Salvation Army teaching a class titled "The New You"


From Depressed, Stressed out - Hot Mess to Owning my own company to teaching others how to embrace and honor their greatness in order to live the life they once dreamed about.
In 2011, I graduated with honors from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.
with a Masters in Social Work. I thought that once I graduated and earned those fancy letters behind my name all would truly be well. I had accomplished my dream that would lead me to becoming a practicing therapist.
I keenly remember the days of feeling just like you are now. Life after my accomplishments...they said it would be fun, fulfilling, and oh so rewarding. I was making a good salary as a practicing therapist. I had earned the fancy letters behind my name. I was living in suburbs and driving a nice car.  I looked like I had the picture perfect lifestyle with the clothes to match.
The truth is that I was smiling on the outside for the world to see, yet on the inside I was screaming in misery. The most agonizing part was that I could not figure out what was the ultimate source of my pain. Therefore, I had not idea what to do about it.
I was in an emotional toxic relationship. I was coming home daily from work drained and exhausted. I was overweight and eating like crap. My inner critic was beating me down daily with negative thoughts.
After years of living this way. I finally got to the place where my level of pain was greater then my fear of change. I knew that I had to make a change because I could not imagine spending the rest of my life dreading the next day.
Therapy is great work and I do not regret the avenue I choose as my career. I wholeheartedly believe that there definitely is a time and place for therapy in one's life. However, deep down I knew their was a better way for me to serve. A more fulfilling way for me to be able to serve in my own unique way. A place where I have the freedom to create my own ways to teaching others the tools necessary to heal from pains left unresolved. I had a profound knowing that the misery in my life was due to pain from unresolved past hurts that I had not yet fully healed from. I knew that I was going to have to go back to those dark places and shed the much needed light in order to move on forward in my own life.
Here is what changed for me.
I knew deep down that there was a better way and I just had to tap into it. Looking back it was incredibly clear that I was embarking on another journey of transformation. I knew it was not going to be easy, yet I had no other option yet to save my own life. It scared me to think that I would one day I would leave this earth without having accomplished my dreams or fulfilled my purpose.
Here is what changed for me...
I begin the journey by first becoming aware of the changes that needed to take place and from that making out a plan, a list. Here is a apart of my journey laid out in steps. Step 1: Leave the relationship Step 2: Eating a better diet Step 3: Dive into personal development Step 4: Develop a meditation practice to help clear out my mind. Step 5: Talk to people I trusted. Step 6: Developed a spiritual practice. Step 7: Hired a coach Step 8: Started Fun, Fab, & Freedom Coaching & Consulting

Please understand that healing and transformation is not a linear process.  Meaning that is does not always happen in a beautiful timeline. Healing and transformation can be messy and uncomfortable. However, I am living proof that it is worth it because we Queens are WORTH IT!

"Why was I hiding

Beautiful on the outside, a hot red mess on the inside

Afraid to light up the dark

Embracing the darkest within

Finding the gifts within the shit

It gets better

My journey of self-love"

-Demetrius Watson



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