I am forever grateful.... 

"Going through many obstacles in my life Demetrius has always been there to pick me up and guide me into the right direction. After being in a very toxic relationship for a five years she has  helped me see my worth, rebuilt my self confidence, discover my strength and my purpose. I am no longer bound  by weak chains now i am bound by hopes, dreams and faith that are helping me to live a very full and exciting life. Demetrius is very trustworthy and committed individual that has made huge difference in my life and she continues to make a positive  difference in people's lives everyday."

Senida Kuljuh
Patient Services Manager

"The approach from Fun, Fab, and Freedom Coaching & Consulting was personable, professional, and very soothing. I highly recommend their services to anyone who needs that extra push to move forward. I have been working with Demetrius for many years. She is compassionate and really digs deep to help you understand the problem ultimately leading to correcting the issue. I thank God I have her to turn to in life!"

Rachel Ligon

"Demetrius's experiences in her own life allows her to be an inspiration, and lead others in a positive direction.  have received great advice and guidance from her and would totally recommend her services to anyone who needs her."

Diana Porter

"Fun, Fab, & Freedom Coaching & Consulting is committed to helping others move forward in their life. When setbacks happen it can be both stressful and discouraging. However, over the years I have overcome and pushed forward with the help of Demetrius. She always helps me to see the bigger picture leading to solutions to fixing things as needed. Through it all she is always understanding, thoughtful and there for you all along the way as you rise above and overcome the problem at hand. I give much thanks to her for all the help she has given to help me through my trying times."

Renita Guzman
Independent Business Owner

"Every time I talk to Demetrius, I feel so comfortable and relaxed. She is so open and accepting to wherever my path in life lies. I feel as though "she get's it." She is so understanding and offers sound advice."

Lydia Synder

"I have worked on and off with Demetrius for years and never has there been anyone I felt so comfortable talking to and accepting POSITIVE advice from. Her presence in my life has been a gift to say the least. Her words are always coming from a sincere place and her energy has always been positive. Her skills and overall character has pushed me into many positive decisions and results in my life."

Shimika Morales
Independent Business Owner

"Even though I am not a previous client of Demetrius, she is a previous client of mine. Her energy and free spirit is down right AMAZING! The whole time I worked with Demetrius, she was positive, understanding, inspiring, motivating, etc. I had a FUN time designing her website, because her brand is ON POINT with who she is...FUN AND FAB! If you're looking for someone to help you transform your life...please don't hesitate working with Demetrius."

Courtney Michelle
Launch Coach & eCourse Creation Expert

"Working with Demetrius has been inspiring , encouraging, free-spirited, free-hearted, and lovable. She has been like a sister to me. She has changed my life through exercise, loving myself, and taking care of myself. She has been their for me 100%. I would recommend you work with her when you are ready to change your life. She has given me everything I needed to fly on. I am ready. I feel the spirit of God in her."

Tia Lugo

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